Vola is a lending platform founded by students, for students. 

We help College Students gain financial freedom by offering fair and smart cash advances and financial resources. 

Through our app, students will have a head start in the time-consuming process that is developing a credit score.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin

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Loans up to $500 for 30 days

Students have limited savings and few borrowing options. 

This lack of financial freedom is the reason why we offers micro loans. We want students to be able to stretch their financial horizons responsibly.


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Transparent and Fair

We understand a student’s every day life, and by doing so we are able to use factors such as social circles and education rather than assets and credit scores in our model.

Our scoring allows users to have an active effect on the way they develop their credit score. A user’s activity within the app helps determine the borrowing terms, how much, and at what interest rate they can access loans.


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